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What is Possible with Shamanic healing?

Do you suffer from chronic pain in any form? Injuries from accidents? Deep emotional trauma from abuse or a traumatic life event? 

Perhaps you are having memories pop up from past lives or other experiences you cannot explain?

Shamanic healing knows no limited! If you are in the space of receiving, and willing to have the change then shamanic healing can work for you! 

Casey has worked with people from around the world that have come to him with all types of issues. Shamanic healing bridges between the worlds to create healing that addresses the body, mind, spirit, and beyond! Check out the 

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Available Services

Virtual Sessions

No matter where you are in the world you can receive the amazing healing possible from shamanic healing.

Spirit Guide Communication

Looking for guidance? I can teach you how to connect with your guides and receive their healing and contribution to your life.

Shamanic Journeying

Would you like to take your relationship with the unseen world to the next level? Allow me hold the space for you to step into a whole new world of possibility in how you relate and create with the universe around you!

In-Person Sessions

For those in the Cleveland area, or willing to travel in-person sessions are available at Emergence of Being.

one-on-one training

Do you desire to help heal and change the world? I offer on-on-on training to teach you how to step into your own potency and be the bridge between the worlds.

What Else is Possible?

Are you looking for something I don't have listed? It is very likely that I have a tool, or know someone that has a tool that can help you on your healing journey! Book a discovery call to discuss your needs.

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Healing is just a few clicks away! You can start with just a single session, or commit to a greater degree of healing and change by booking a package. 

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Single Sessions


Need a customized package? Book a discovery call to discuss your needs. 

One-On-One Training

Frequently asked questions

Shamanic healing refers to the indigenous spiritual healing practices of medicine people all around the world. While each culture has developed its own unique ways of connecting with spirit and performing healing, there are many core concepts that are universal. 

Everything is made of living energy and everything is conscious. This is a core concept in every shamanic culture throughout the planet. Knowing this, the shaman learns ways of entering into communication with the natural world. we learn to communicate with animals, with plants, with mountains and oceans and eventually spiritual beings and powerful energies across many realms of existence. 

That’s all wonderful but how does that relate to healing? Your back pain, your headache, your illness, your anxiety, your suffering are all energy and these energies can be removed, replaced transformed, transmuted, reinformed. Calling upon the powerful energies of the earth and the beings across many realms, we can completely shift any energy that is ready to receive healing and that can translate into the near-instantaneous healing of any number of things. 

One of the main tools I use for healing is my voice and breath so you will hear me singing in light language, chanting, and calling in energies. You don’t need to understand anything that is being said, simply allow the vibrations if the words and sounds to flow through you. 

Depending on your level of openness, you may feel very powerful energy sensations that can feel like strong vibrations, tingling, heat, coolness, magnetic like pushing and pulling sensations etc. these sensations are normal and are a very good thing. 

You may also experience emotional release. Many people cry, others laugh, some just feel like emotions drain away. typically after a release like this people feel much lighter and full of joy. 

More often than not people use the word “lighter” to describe how they feel after a session. 

Some people feel deeply relaxed after a session and others feel full of bright energy ready to take on the day. 

Shamanic Healing can completely heal any condition if the person is open and willing to receive the healing. Chronic and acute physical pain can disappear in minutes, Illness and diseases can be reversed, emotional suffering, anxiety, depression can all be released and replaced with peace and joy IF the person is in the space of allowance and willing to receive the healing. 

While many people experience powerful relief in a single session, Some people may need several sessions to resolve certain issues. In those cases, you may come as often as you feel called to but I encourage you to listen to your body and ask when it feels lightest to come back. 

You can reach out through my Facebook Page or e-mail me at  You also have the option to book a discovery call to discuss your needs.